.Samaneh Pooy-e Shargh Co


Products: Dry toner powder for photocopiers and printers

Managing Director: Hassani

The managing director of the company is the member of the Iranian Inventors’ Association and pursues different plans for developing the company in the future. These plans are

Developing production sites required for future –

Developing toner production qualitatively and quantitatively –

Developing the production of different toners including single- and double- component toners and color toners –

Researching and planning for producing different kinds of drums usable in photocopiers and printers –

.Company’s personnel: 24 personnel with different specialties are engaged in this company

SPS( Samane Pooy-e Shargh)Private Joint Stock, was established in 2003 and is operating in the field of producing different kinds of toner for photocopiers and printers. SPS company is the first and exclusive producer of toner in Iran. This company works on the toner formulation and production line which has designed and manufactured by specialists


 At the first stage, SPScompany started to produce double-component toners for some models of photocopiers and then mono-component toners for printers. The company has tried to give appropriate response to the costumers needs with producing toner with higher quality. This company, relies on the knowledge and skills of its personnel as well as using high-quality raw materials,and do its best to increase the diversity and quality of the products


 The company’s operation was started by being established in Khorasan Science & Technology Park(KSTP) and doing researches by R & D Department of the company. The achievements of the company were preparing the formulation for several kinds of double-component toners for photocopiers. During this period, relying on knowledge and the researches done by the specialists, the machines for toner production line were manufactured in a small scale and the toners produced by these machines matched with the desired results

 In 2007,the factory location were moved to the Mashhad industrial estate on a parcel land with an area of  3000 Sqm ,from which 800 Sqm  was allocated to office, production line, facilities, and warehouse buildings, while the R & D department was continuing its operation at KSTP

 Designing and manufacturing production-line machinery in industrial scale lasted one year and the company supplied its products to the market. The main operation of the company was researching to produce single-component toners which are mostly used in printers. This was also done optimally

 Since the beginning of the year 2008, the company has started its production through purchasing its required raw materials from some of the European companies and entered negotiations with other companies so that it will be able to give diversity to its products. Since the products of the company are not relying on a special foreign- designed formulation or obtaining license from abroad and the production line is the result of the knowledge and skill of Iranian specialists; therefore, we can cooperate with any company which is ready to have cooperation with us in such a way that our  mutual operations will profitable for both parties and we are ready to develop our friendly and sincere relations with them

The personnel of the company tried to bring the production capacity of the company to 100,000 Kgs in the year 2009 and gradually to 150,000Kg. within the following two years

At present, in Iran more than 2,000,000 Kg. of different kinds of toners are used. The consumption rate increases about 5% per year. If we consider the needs of our neighboring countries, the annual consumption of the toner will reach to about 10,000,000 Kg.

Iran has a good situation and facilities for acting as a center of supplying the needs of market in case of appropriate planning.

We cordially shake the hands of the companies which are able to cooperate with us in this field.

Company’s Location

City: Mashhad

Country: Iran


P.O.Box: 93581-87784

E-mail: info@astertoner.ir

Address: Km.12, Mashhad-Kalat  Road, Mashhad Industrial State

The company has been built on a parcel land and an appropriate site in Mashhad industrial estate in which all the required facilities are within the reach

Distance from freeway: 2 Km.

Distance from railway:12 Km.

Distance from truck terminal: 16 Km.

Distance from airport: 17 Km.